Software Development
Celoxar have a team of professional developers, all with 15+ years of experience. Our developers have extensive experience of business intelligence, cloud computing, Big Data and Internet and mobile application development. All across a range of industries and geographical markets.

Offshore Software Development
The outsourcing of software development is proving to be a highly cost effective means of delivering quality software solutions. The reason for this is simple; certified, experienced and highly skilled resources located offshore are less expensive than the local equivalent. The only challenge to this model is being able to successfully manage these offshore resources effectively.

Celoxar provides expert, repeatable and high quality software development outsourcing services by leveraging well-established and proven outsourcing channels through. By combining offshore resources with our expert Project Management services, Celoxar offers organizations the ability to greatly reduce their software development costs without compromising the quality of the final software solution.

Celoxar have successfully used offshore developers since 2005.